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Moonriver Inn is nestled in the heart of Narrowsburg and the Catskill Mountains, on the banks of the Delaware River. The pet-friendly Inn offers modern hotel rooms, each uniquely decorated with a mix of modern and antique furnishings and artwork.

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Love at First Sight in the Catskills

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My very first visit to Narrowsburg, back in 2010, is etched in my mind - just like all times when you fall in love instantly. It was my good friend's birthday and we had planned a trip upstate to celebrate by camping along the Delaware River in Barryville and go tubing. We were in desperate need of a nature fix after too many uninterrupted months in New York City. I hadn’t seen the stars at night or trees outside of the ones in CentralPark. It was a quick journey upstate - only two hours. The same amount of time it'd take me to get to the Rockaways from the Upper West Side. After driving over the Hawk's Nest, a winding scenic byway, to Barryville, I felt like the City was much farther away than 90miles, and that I was heading into uncharted, mountainous territory. Just what I was looking for.


One day we decided to take a country drive up to a town that we had heard about nearby. Route 97 winds along the Delaware and up and down mountains through the forest to Narrowsburg. I still remember how fun that drive was. New York City felt completely foreign at that point. How do I not live in a place where nature demands your attention like this? It's a beautiful drive.

Arriving to the small town of Narrowsburg perched above the river at its deepest, narrowest point, was like traveling back in time. Seeing this seemingly remote area tucked away into the mountains along a gorgeous river, I fell in love instantly. The spot was so special and unique from other trips outside the City. We parked by Main Street and walked to the town's overlook which has a mounted viewer to check out bald eagles, other wildlife, and to look out over the river. I remember telling my friend how amazing the view was, and how glad I was we found this place!

Moonriver Inn Delaware River

Walking along Main Street, we were impressed with the number of unique shops and galleries. We had a fantastic lunch and vowed to come back very soon. Fast forward almost 10 years, and who would have known that I'd get to be the proud owner of a new Inn in the town I fell in love with that day - walking distance to all my favorite places. Just a 5 minute walk away, you can go rent inner tubes from Landers Campground and float down the river, like we did that first weekend in this area. A short 5 minute drive takes you to a beautiful, peaceful area to hike in the historic Ten Mile River area.

After the first summer open last year, we've been renovating the first floor of the Inn and redesigning the Inn’s grounds. A new terraced patio was added to the back of the property - with my own dramatic view of the river. Although the Inn is closed at the moment during the winter renovations, I can't wait to reopen this Memorial Day. I’m looking forward to welcoming guests this summer to this area that I love deeply!

Moonriver Inn Narrowsburg
Celeste Evans