Moonriver Inn
Moonriver Inn is nestled in the heart of Narrowsburg and the Catskill Mountains, on the banks of the Delaware River. The pet-friendly Inn offers modern hotel rooms, each uniquely decorated with a mix of modern and antique furnishings and artwork.

Pet Guide

Visiting with your pet


Your well-behaved pup is more than welcome at Moonriver Inn!

They will love the nearby hiking trails, the river and of course my dog Poppy will be overjoyed at meeting potential new doggie friends! Our furry companions need vacations too, and we are happy to offer our rooms as pet-friendly accommodations. Note that we do keep one room off-limits for dogs, to save for those that may be allergic to doggie dander, so please be sure to give us a heads up when making a reservation so we can accommodate you all comfortably.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when planning your stay with your best buddy:

  • One dog is allowed in each of the following rooms: The Overlook, Stillwater Suite, and Ivy Rooms. If you are looking to travel with 2 dogs, please call to discuss.

  • A $25 pet-fee per night will be applied upon check-out to cover cleaning services. Any pet-related damages will be charged accordingly.

  • We will remind you upon check-in, but please use the “do not disturb” tag on the door if you are leaving your dog while away. If you think your dog may be anxious, bark or be disruptive if left alone, please make arrangements so that your dog is not left unattended.

  • Because I’ve found that pet beds in hotels are often not used by our furry friends, we don’t provide doggie beds - I’d recommend bringing yours or a familiar blanket or sheet for your pup.

  • If possible, bring other comforts: crate, toys, and usual treats.

  • Dog bowls for food and water will be provided for your room upon request.

  • Well-behaved pups are allowed in the lobby as well.

  • Eventually there will be a completely fenced-in area on the grounds where your dog can frolic, but until then please be sure to keep your dog leashed on the property. Speaking from experience, there are a lot of exciting distractions for a city dog - geese, groundhogs, wide open spaces and you don’t want to spend your vacation chasing after a runaway pup!

  • As a follow up to the last point - please be sure to close gates and doors behind you to be mindful that there are some escape artists on the property (i.e. my dog Poppy)

  • Lastly - enjoy your stay with your doggie companion knowing they are completely welcome!